Legal Notice – Public Hearing

                                                       Gray Water District
Legal Notice

The Gray Water District gives notice to the public that on July 16, 2020, 6:00 p.m. at the Gray Public Library, 5 Hancock Street, Gray, the trustees will hold a public hearing to discuss and hear comments on a proposed water rate increase. If the District is prohibited from holding an in-person hearing on July 16, 2020, further information and details of a virtual public hearing for that date can be found on the District’s website,

                                           Effective on October 1, 2020
% Increase $ Increase
Residential 52.57% $123,119
Commercial 52.58%* $ 30,573
Governmental 52.53% $ 15,967
Private Fire Protection 52.58% $ 5,279
Public Fire Protection 54.20%* $ 75,000
Other Revenues (7.69%) ($ 354)
Overall Increase 51.31% $249,584

*Commercial Rates will be increased by 52.58%, but due to the loss of commercial closures the revenue increase from 2019 was 44.41%. Public Fire protection rates are determined pursuant to Chapter 69 of the Public Utilities Commission Rules. The District plans to request that the Commission waive the requirements of the rule for this rate increase, as it has allocated an increase of 54.20% (or $75,000) for Public Fire Protection. The long-term goal is to gradually realize all charges as required by Chapter 69 through future rate cases.

Rates are to become effective on October 1, 2020. Since its last adjustment in 2014, the District has been incurring continuous increases in expenses and is currently not able to sustain itself in covering current operating, maintenance, depreciation and debt service costs. They have also lost commercial revenue due to business closure, and because the funding from the Mckinn Site is nearing depletion after 20 years, the District will be liable for annual debt service payments of approximately $84,000.00 which have been previously covered by the Superfund reserve. The rate increase also includes the borrowing of an additional $400,000 for main revitalization, the funding of a depreciation account for the replacement of assets and a capital reserve for the replacement of water main under the Maine Turnpike.

Pursuant to 35-A MRSA Section (6104), a customer has the right to request additional information relating to the present and proposed rates from the District, the right to an open and fair hearing, and the right to assistance from the Public Advocate. Customers also have the right under 35-A MRSA Section (6104) to petition the Maine Public Utilities Commission to suspend and investigate the District’s rates pursuant to 35-A MRSA Section 310, if, on or before Thirty (30) days following the public hearing 15% of District customers (or 1000 District customers, whichever is less), file with the Gray Water District’s Superintendent and with the Public Utilities Commission, c/o Administrative Director, State House Station #18, Augusta, ME 04333-0018, a petition or petitions demanding review by the PUC of the proposed rate changes. Signatures on the petitions filed pursuant to Section 7 are invalid unless accompanied by the printed names and addresses of the signers. Upon request the District will provide customers with petition forms that include space for the signatures and the printed names and addresses of the signers.

A copy of material supporting the proposed rate changes has been available at the Gray Water District for inspection since May 28, 2020. If you have any questions or desire additional information, you may call James Foster, Superintendent, at 207-657-3500, or the Administrative Director of the PUC at (207) 287-3831. For additional assistance, contact the Public Advocate, State House Station #112, Augusta, ME 04333-0112, (207) 624-3687.

Board of Trustees
PUC Docket #2020-00160 Gray Water District

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